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Green Program

Entrust One Green Program

Green Products and Equipment Utilizing green products and equipment are key components of our Green Program. Entrust One utilizes the following items to ensure the maximum reduction of ecological impact:

  • Green Seal Cleaning Products
  • Green Certified Equipment
  • Vacuums equipped with high-performing filters
  • Microfiber cloths and mops
  • Recycled paper products

Recycling Establishing a recycling program helps conserve natural resources while allowing you to earn credits toward your LEED certification. Entrust One’s Green Program supports your recycling initiative by collecting your recycling bins and disposing them in the appropriate compactors or containers.

LEED Certification The LEED initiative brings valuable environmental savings by conserving energy, water and reducing waste. Meeting LEED prerequisites and earning LEED credits means transforming your facilities into a model of innovation, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Entrust One’s Green Program can help you qualify for and maintain your LEED certification. In fact, our program can contribute over 40% of the points necessary for basic certification.

Overview Entrust One’s Green Program supports the sustainability goals of your commercial facility. Our green services:

  • Create healthier indoor environments by reducing the amount of chemicals that are released into the air during the cleaning process
  • Reduce waste
  • Implement recycling program per customers program
  • Keep track of any necessary documentation to qualify for and maintain your LEED certification

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